Concierge Service

As a complementary service destinated to our valued customers, Beauchamp Estates is delighted to offer your personalized Concierge Services in France. However small or complicated the request may be we will always have a solution for you thanks to our large network of professionals. Beauchamp Estates’ concierge branch works with local specialists to exclusively provide our existing clients with services worthy of the palaces of the French Riviera.

  • From stewardship of your property, including cleaning, laundry, ironing, clothes alterations, tailoring at home and preparing your home for your arrival, to maintaining your garden and pool, management and monitoring bureaucracy, shopping and home delivery, our company is your concierge.
  • Security: We can offer security facilities and staff to protect both you, your family and your property. We recruit guards, watchmen, dog handlers and even personal bodyguards to ensure your comfort and security at home and while travelling on the Riviera.
  • Luxury transport: We can arrange for vehicles to take you around the region by land, sea or air, in comfort and style. Whether it’s limousines, sports cars or vintage models, with or without a driver, luxury yachts, with or without crew, a helicopter or a private jet, Beauchamp can supply them through our network of providers.
  • Gastronomy: The Côte d’Azur and surroundings contain treasures of taste. You can enjoy meals ranging from the traditional dishes of Provence, to “molecular cuisine” in Nice, and Michelin-starred dining in the cities and villages of the region. Beauchamp Estates can recommend the best restaurants to suit your tastes, be it a romantic restaurant, relaxing with a pub meal, touring a wine merchants or people-watching in a café.
  • Well-being: Our concierge service is there to advise you on the most beautiful spas, fitness clubs and centres in the area. We have Riviera’s most popular personal trainers, physical therapists and nutritionists on our books – all expert hands who will take care of you.
  • Childcare: We are prepared to look after children of all ages, with trusted and qualified professionals. We can find baby-sitters, nannies and housekeepers with good language skills and values. We can also organise activities, schooling and provide equipment like cribs.
  • Pets: Dog-sitters and veterinarians take care of the walks, health and nutrition of your most faithful companion.
  • Managing Your Fleet: From delivery of your vehicle, cleaning, maintenance, repair, replacements and providing drivers, to advice on the acquisition of new models, you can finally get on with your passion, automobiles.
  • Personal shopper: Whether you are searching for haute-couture boutiques, luxury jewellers and forward-thinking designers, or prefer antiques and classical works to decorate your home, our shoppers can help you find it. Our partners have the eye for those designs that add that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your French property, be it cutting-edge, or classical elegance.
  • Nightlife and major events: Beauchamp Estates opens the doors of the most selective Riviera venues. We have access to high-society occasions like fashion shows, charity balls, concerts, ballets and musicals, plus international events like the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival – even at the last minute. Our concierge service can advise you on the best way to find some unforgettable moments on the Riviera
  • Dreams: If you have a desire to travel, or just the need of a quick getaway our concierge service can also advise on travel agents and private guides. We could help you book a luxury chalet in the mountains, or trips far beyond the French border.

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